Il titolo della mostra, curata da Barbara Marbot, rimanda al tema del rapporto con la realtà nell’arte. Come evidenziato nelle riflessioni del filosofo Marcus Steinweg, nuovi concetti e nuove esperienze come la realtà aumentata o la realtà virtuale cambiano nel profondo l’idea di realtà e della sua percezione.

We are fascinated by how artists known to us make aspects of "reality" consciously or unconsciously visible in their work. Our closer look is motivated by the fact that the supposed "reality" experiences a profound uncertainty through terms such as "virtual reality" or "augmented reality". In addition, we are increasingly confronted with the most varied conceptions of "reality", which suggests the impression of a "post-factual" world perception. 

The technical possibilities directly influence the view on "reality", which is experienced by the individual and which changes the future of the philosophical perception of the concept of "reality". In this context, we noticed the philosopher Marcus Steinweg (* 1971), living in Berlin, who says in one of his lectures: "Reality is not a neutral space", "Reality is a system of orientation", "now the subject is wandering in the desert of freedom". The texts by Steinweg also invite us to understand artworks in terms of the changing understanding of reality. 

TRANSIT, in connection with "reality" refers to the rapidly changing understanding. TRANSIT means transit, e.g. to reach a location directly or to cross a border without detours or through tedious controls. Due to the current political and social conditions, numerous other spheres are concerned. The word combination "TRANSIT-Reality" emphasizes the associated speed in everyday life.

We would like to invite you to take a closer look at the collective exhibition "TRANSIT-Reality", to explore known and unknown artworks from a new perspective and to confront "reality" with us and the artists. We are looking forward to seeing you. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Artisti invitati: Peter Aerschmann, Andrea Batorfi, Salomé Bäumlin, Gildas Coudrais, Rudy Decelière, Alex Güdel, Charlotte Hug, Marco Scorti, Annelies Strba, Marialuisa Tadei, Stefano Tondo, Claudius Weber

Bern () - dall'undici maggio al 22 luglio 2017
Bubenbergplatz 15 (3011)
+41 31 332 11 90

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